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Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training
Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine

You are invited to take part in the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training. This is a two-year course culminating in a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Meditation Teacher Training Certificate. The curriculum is a one-to-one coaching, small group training and practice sessions, teleconferences, online study, guided meditations, and in-person retreats at beautiful locations. You can take the course for your own development and to learn and practice meditations that suit your individual nature, and you can take it to develop skills as a teacher of meditation.

Dr Roche has been teaching and researching meditation for almost 50 years, and Camille Maurine has been teaching for over 40 years. You get the benefit of our wealth of experience, and all the thousands of people we have worked with over the decades.

From the scientific research, we know that meditation is an instinctive and natural human ability, part of our survival capabilities. Even the simplest meditation practice allows profound relaxation and a rest deeper than sleep, even for beginners. We also know that everyone is different, and that honoring individuality is a key to success in meditation. Therefore, a big part of our training is learning to notice and work with both the naturalness of meditative experience and the unique individual way each person interacts with the techniques. When approached in this way, meditation can be remarkably beneficial for emotional and physical health.

Learning to meditate can be very challenging, because there are thousands of techniques, and many of them were originally developed for male monks living in religious communities. When people who live in the world, who are not monks, practice in a style that is suppressive toward desire, the effect of meditation can be mildly harmful – an overall weakening of the personality. In our approach, we support people to explore widely and select those techniques that truly help them to thrive.


Dr Roche and Camille Maurine are the authors of these three books –

Meditation Made Easy, by Lorin Roche, published by HarperOne in 1998.
Meditation Secrets for Women, by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, published by HarperOne in 2001.
The Radiance Sutras, by Lorin Roche, published by Sounds True in 2014.

- These books were written as teacher training manuals, then edited to be easy and a joy to read.

There is also advanced skill-building texts for you to work with, which go into the specific skills of meditation and meditation teaching.

Read them fast, read them slow, then read them and do all the techniques that call to you. Many tens of thousands of hours have gone into refining the language of meditation and the techniques, to make them appropriate for people who live in the world. Meditation Made Easy summarizes 25 years of research and teaching experience, and The Radiance Sutras embodies 45 years of experience listening to meditators and being immersed in the Sanskrit text. Meditation Secrets for Women reveals 12 essential secrets of a healthy approach for the female body-psyche.

As you begin to get familiar with this approach, you join the Skills Lab groups - other Meditation Teacher Training students who are exploring meditation and practicing listening and guiding. In our approach, we listen to students extensively to find out what meditation practices they already know, and what experiences they have had. There is a Facebook group where teachers in training talk about their experiences and ask questions and support each other, a regular emailing of practice tips, and ZOOM video groups.

When you can, come to the 3-day and 5-day retreats for the meditation teacher training, to get the 70 contact hours required by Yoga Alliance. Additional certifications from our School, the Pranava School of Meditation, are available, for example in working with women – important because in the Western world, for the past 50 years at least, most of the dedicated practitioners of meditation have been female.

At your own pace, get four individual coaching sessions with Lorin or Camille to develop your own meditation practice, and to further customize both your daily practice and your unique approach to teaching. It’s a good idea to have one or two private coaching sessions near the beginning of your training, to help you develop a daily meditation practice that suits your individual nature.

Depending on your time available, the training could be completed in about a year, or you can take up to 5 years. Both may have advantages for a person.

In essence, a meditation teacher needs to be intimately familiar with:
* all the human senses, of which there are more than a dozen (balance, for example, and motion, and stretch-sensing, in addition to vision, hearing, and so on)
* all the human emotions (love, anger, fear, joy, surprise, pride, shame, envy)
* the world of physical sensations
* the interplay of relaxation and stress-release
* the instincts (homing, gathering, resting, nesting, bonding, protecting, socializing, and more)
* the wide array of desires motivating people (freedom, power, acceptance, status, communication, security, exercise, curiosity, order, serenity, and more)
* the elements as poetic and evocative gateways into contact with nature: earth, fire, water, air, and space
* the variety of meditative techniques which have been developed over the ages and the skill of inventing a meditation practice based on the student’s own personal experience.

Knowing all this is essential for any human being and increases the joy in living. Much of what it is to be human involves savoring our own experience and noticing what others are experiencing, really hearing them and seeing them. When we are familiar with the structure of human experience, we can communicate better and understand what others are attempting to communicate.

In the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training, you get to practice and develop skills in all these areas, which enriches your capacity to listen to other people, to develop your own meditation practice, and to coach others in finding what works for them in meditation.

Apply for the training

To apply for admission to the Meditation Teacher Training, visit the registration page.

The training includes one-to-one coaching with Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, in sessions that focus on your individual meditation practice and how you can develop as a teacher; in-person workshops where you get to immerse yourself for 5 or 7 days in the flow of meditation and teaching; tele-seminars this approach to meditation, and ongoing practice groups you are part of that let you get experience sharing and coaching others in meditation technique. You can take the training for your own development and education, and then later decide you want to be active as a meditation teacher, and you can also come in with the intent to get trained and out there teaching right away. It's individual.

The Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training
is a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Meditation Teacher Training, plus certification with the Pranava Meditation School. As soon as you register, you can begin with the lessons, explorations, and skill acquisition.

Meditation is a dive into aliveness, into the underlying creativity that sustains us all. The basic dynamics of life – breathing, listening, seeing, loving – are used as doorways into meditation. The scientific research on meditation indicates that it can provide a rest deeper than sleep and benefit our physical, emotional, and mental health in many ways. Human beings are naturally good at meditation and tens of millions of people are wanting to learn the practice. Well-trained teachers are needed.

Camille Maurine photo credit: Josie Keys
Lorin Roche has been practicing, teaching, and researching this approach to meditation since 1968, and has a PhD from the University of California for his work on the language of meditative experience. Lorin and his wife, Camille Maurine, are the authors of Meditation Secrets for Women (Harper 2001) and Meditation 24/7 (Andrews-McMeel 2004). Lorin is also the author of Meditation Made Easy (Harper 1998) and The Radiance Sutras (Sounds True 2014). Lorin first began training meditation teachers in 1972. Camille joins Lorin in facilitating this dynamic training, sharing her more than four decades of embodied practice and teaching experience. www.lorinroche.com www.camillemaurine.com

Listen to this Interview with Dr. Lorin Roche

There are a set of skills you can learn and teach that let meditation be utterly natural, restful, and profoundly rejuvenating. The skills of meditation are similar to that of loving anyone or anything – ways of paying attention that open the doorways to intimacy and excitement. After using, practicing, and researching these skills for the past half a century, Dr. Lorin Roche is opening the door wide to train teachers in this system. Come as you are, and learn at your own pace. You can go rapidly or you can take your time and savor everything in a leisurely way.

The training is for anyone who desires to learn more about this natural, life-affirming approach to meditation. This is a very human, tender, and loving practice for yourself or to share with others. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to apply.

The Radiance Sutras Meditation Series is the core curriculum of the two-year certified Meditation Teacher Training. You may take it simply to deepen your own practice and development, or to become certified as a teacher of this life-affirming approach. You will be listening to a series of talks and guided meditations, reading the books (The Radiance Sutras, Meditation Made Easy, Meditation Secrets for Women), doing your own meditation practice at home, sharing your experiences with your meditation buddies, and reporting in on what you are discovering.

In addition to the basic Teleseminar series, there are live Video Discussion groups – face-to-face interaction and exploration, facilitated by authorized teachers of this approach and offered at different times to accommodate members' time zones. Included in basic tuition.

If you complete all of the hours and demonstrate all of the core competencies you will be a certified 200-hour Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher. See more about this comprehensive program below.


You will learn meditations with breathing, sound, motion, balance, touch, smell, and taste, and learn to modify these practices to suit your individual nature and that of your students. The Radiance Sutras approach is based in the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a classic yoga meditation text from around 800 AD, which presents 112 different "doorways" into meditative states. In this tradition, meditation is not an alien technique of suppression that you impose on yourself; it is a natural talent everyone has that can be cultivated. Meditation is a built-in human instinct for self-healing. We all have the ability and we each access this in our own individual way.

There is a set of skills you can learn that allows meditation to be a natural part of daily life. The skills of meditation are similar to that of loving anyone or anything – ways of paying attention that open the doorways to intimacy and excitement. In the United States today, about 9% of the adult population is experimenting with meditation – government statistics indicate that around 18 million adults and over 900,000 children practice meditation. Meditation is now an integrated part of life in the United States, and an acceptable go-to practice for improving mental, emotional, and physical health. In Canada, Australia, South America, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, meditation is also growing in acceptance and usage. There is a shortage of trained meditation instructors who can help these millions of meditators to find their way.

This training gives you a strong foundation in those essential skills.

You can modify the training to fit your learning style and life situation. What you love is your doorway. For many people, music and dancing are natural doorways into meditation. You are always free, first of all, to take this training for your Personal Practice – learning the skills of meditation for your own enrichment. Maybe later you will share what you are learning.

Here are some of the paths and interests that trainees are following:

  1. The Standard path involves some Sanskrit vocabulary to go with the yoga model. There are 57 Sanskrit words you need to have a working relationship with. The primary focus is on the skills of meditation and teaching meditation, so the vocabulary is learned in context, one or two words at a time.
  2. The Wild Serenity path (almost no Sanskrit) involves emphasizing the senses, emotions, and instincts to a greater extent. Instead of learning Sanskrit vocabulary, you will be learning the language of emotion, bodily sensation, desire and instinct.
  3. The Music path is for Kirtan artists and other musicians, integrating meditation into improvisation and chanting. From the rapture of music to the rapture of meditation. you will learn to guide group meditations and do individual sessions, where you help people develop a daily practice in the feeling tone of the Bhakti tradition. You will learn about the levels of sound in yoga, from the spoken word, to mental repetition, to subtle internal feeling, and the vibrant pulsating silence that is the origin of sound. You will learn about the difference between spoken mantra and following the sound through the four levels. This aspect of the training is particularly useful for yoga teachers who want to incorporate meditation, poetry, and chanting into their classes. This training is also useful for musicians who are focused on the transformational, meditative aspects of musical performance.
  4. The Dancer's path is oriented to leading people into meditation through movement and embodied expression.
  5. The Nature path involves being outside in nature as much as possible. You may wish to combine hiking and meditation, or nature walks and meditation, in your own meditation and in teaching.
  6. The Health Care professional path emphasizes: 1. customization of the techniques to fit individual nature; 2. understanding of human adaptation as manifested in sympathetic and parasympathetic activation; 3. knowledge and techniques for dealing with catharsis and other form of stress-release in meditation.

There are other paths as well – Relationship and Intimacy, for example. We will help you design the program according to your desire and intention. You will be encouraged to take the basic skill set of meditation and modify it to work with your daily life and what you love.

Apply Now for the Meditation Teacher Training


If you wish to become certified, the 200-hour Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training is a two-year program, and you may take up to five years to fulfill. On an accelerated basis, it is possible to graduate in one year, if the retreat dates for contact hours work for you.

For the Certificate Program, the hours are made up of:

70 contact hours (in person), which you can obtain in workshops at 1440 Multiversity (Santa Cruz, California), Kripalu (Lenox, Massachusetts), Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California), Costa Rica, Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast), and other beautiful locations. The 4 Private Sessions by telephone, Zoom, or in person, with Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine also count as contact hours.

130 non-contact hours over the two-year period consisting of:

10 Conference call seminars (each year) with Dr. Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine
5 or more Small Webinar Discussion Groups
Bonus Seminars with Camille Maurine
Homework assignments
Reading assignments
30 Practice sessions
Contributing to Facebook group discussion
Small group work
5 years to complete (we recommend you complete in 2 years)

Year One:

10 conference call seminars
Participation in video discussion groups
All reading assignments
At least 15 practice sessions with “practice clients”
One or more private phone or Zoom sessions (must complete a minimum of 3 private sessions with Lorin Roche and/or Camille Maurine throughout the training)

Year Two:

Optional conference call series (take again as review and to go deeper)
All practice sessions complete (30 total)
All homework and reading assignments complete
Complete private sessions with Lorin Roche and/or Camille Maurine (minimum of 3 sessions spaced throughout the training)
Final exam


Your training begins as soon as you register.

First Step: Fill out and send in your

The 2018 Meditation Teacher Training basic tuition covers the two years of the program, and includes 4 private coaching sessions with Dr. Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine. You may take the curriculum as a stand-alone course and add other elements, such as retreats, as fits into your schedule.

There are 4 different expenses for the entire 200-hour training:

Registration Tuition for the Two-Year Course is $6000.
There is also the option to set up a payment installment plan.

For certification, additional:

70 Contact hours – Workshops and Retreats (you will pay directly to wherever the retreat is being hosted)
Final exam $108

Contact hours can be fulfilled with
three five-day retreats, or the equivalent.

The retreats vary in cost depending on the facility and your choice of room (sleeping bag, shared room, private room). For example, Kripalu, with meals, for housing plus food for a 5 day retreat and teacher training, costs $435 for a dormitory room on up to $575 for a standard room or $875 for a Standard Plus room. Kripalu has excellent food, by the way. The tuition for Kripalu is $310 for the 5-day, about $60 per day. The housing cost for 1440 Multiversity and Esalen Institute, both in beautiful locations in California, may be a bit more.

If you just want the training in meditation for your own evolution, but do not want to get certified yet, you may join the 10 conference call seminar series, but you must still complete the application. You will not be a certified Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher, but you will walk away with the key teachings and have an opportunity to dive deep into the human heart, the rhythm of life, and what it means to savor the sweetness of being alive.

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