Yes to Life

What Is Meditation?

Meditation refers to thousands of awareness practices that are used all over the world in every culture. These practices are designed to help you adapt to life and thrive, whatever your circumstances.

What is similar in all these thousands of techniques?

The essence of meditation is simple: select some aspect of life’s self-renewing rhythm that you love, and dive in.

Allow yourself to be attracted, and accept everything that you experience as part of your conversation with life.

The urge to merge, the longing to melt into love with the essence of life is one of a human being's strongest urges. It's unstoppable.

Let this be the most natural thing in the world. An extension of your exploration of life in the world. Look at and feel & taste everything.

Meditation is a love relationship between your body and infinity, and it's sensual. When we welcome a breath, we engage our senses of touch, hearing, balance, smell, and taste.

When we meditate on the chakras, we use our senses of inner touch, inner vision, and motion. When we meditate on a mantra, we use our inner hearing and touch and vision. Other senses come and go to add texture.

Regain your instinctual curiosity.

Be awake to noticing:

  • What skill is called for? What is the craft?
  • What instincts are at play.
  • What do you need?
  • What senses are involved?
  • What elemental mix? Space, air, fire, water, earth.
  • What style of attention: wonder, awe, sensuality, appreciation, aesthetic delight, or cold scrutiny, clinical analysis. Spaciousness or focus.
  • What aspect of life's rhythm of renewal is calling you?

With these practices you're exploring the connection between your inner and outer worlds.

Mediation is saying yes to life, yes to breath, yes to the connection between your inner and outer worlds. Yes to the impulses of life flowing through you always. Meditation is improvising with the currents of the life force.

Om is YES

What is your YES to life?

There are meditation techniques to help you adapt to the life of a monk, and they are tweaked differently tha

Make up your own mixture, suited to your nature and life path. Be aware of how you are choosing.