Free Audio Meditations

During the meditation teacher training, you will be invited to practice dozens of different techniques, to get a sense of what you like – what goes with your nature – so that you develop a sense of what other people may like as well.

Meditation can help you to enjoy life more and function better. Meditation enhances physical health and vitality, and promotes mental clarity. Emotionally, you will notice a deepened awareness of your feelings, and a greater capacity to give and receive love. Meditation is an overall physiological response - an integrated mind-body state. The ability to meditate is built-in, and there are thousands of ways of accessing it.

There are a dozen or so "doorways" into a meditative state. Feel free to explore and find what works for you, in the rhythm of your day. The best way for you is the way that suits your nature. There is no "one size fits all" style of meditation. As you explore, don't make yourself wrong in any way, and don't put pressure on yourself to perform. Notice what helps you tune in.

You can listen to or download 14 audio meditations at Bandcamp.

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