Certification Requirements

Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teachers need to have a deep understanding and embodiment of the core principles for creating a healthy, individualized approach to meditation practice.

The Training is formatted as a two-year program. Each year provides a variety of modalities to explore and experiment with a way of meditating that works for men and women of today. The dynamic curriculum fosters the essential skills for a nourishing, life-affirming practice.

This comprehensive program provides support for you to absorb and embody the teachings, in your own way. We help you to find your unique voice and strengths, so that you can share meditation with others as desired, with confidence and inspiration.

To become an authorized teacher of the Radiance Sutras® Teacher Training methodology, you must complete the certification requirements below.

If you are not interested in becoming certified as a teacher, you may participate in the two-year Training curriculum for your own enjoyment and illumination, with the option of becoming certified at some later time.

Below are details about the certification process and you can also click here for the training tuition information.


If you wish to become certified, the Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher Training is a two-year, 500-hour program. You may take up to five years to fulfill.

For the Certificate Program, the 500 hours are divided into two years of 200 and 300 hours. 

Year One – Embodying Freedom and Wisdom (New Trainees)

In the first year of the program, the primary objective is for each individual to absorb this new paradigm of meditation as a Path of Intimacy. We begin with your personal experience, as that is the foundation for teaching others. You have the opportunity to liberate yourself from old rules and assumptions about meditation. You allow yourself to renovate your experience of meditation according to the natural, instinctive wisdom within you.

Your engagement includes:

  • Attend the Live Webinars and small discussion groups on Zoom as often as possible. Listen to the recordings if you miss the live events.
  • Enjoy the specific readings, assignments, and journaling exercises suggested in the weekly lessons.
  • Connect with your RSMTT meditation buddy to explore practices, readings, and your favorite Radiance Sutras.
  • Begin your private coaching sessions with Dr. Roche and Camille Maurine (minimum 2 each year).
  • Explore coaching others with practice clients - 15 sessions in the first year (30 for full certification).
  • Attend live trainings, workshops, and retreats to gain contact hours toward certification requirement.

Year Two – Evolving the Art of Teaching (Advanced Trainees

Advanced training includes all the resources and activities in the first year curriculum plus new content and specific assignments. The second year involves extensive practicum and receiving feedback. You learn to evolve your personal practice as well as to hone the language and art of teaching meditation to others. The Training provides a set of beautiful skills that a meditation teacher must know to provide a nourishing, liberating environment that supports clients/students in claiming their individual direct experience.

To demonstrate these core competencies, you engage in the following activities:

  • Active participation in the new series of webinars and small group discussions on the essential topics. You may have the option to help facilitate a Zoom discussion group.
  • Review the specific readings, assignments, and journaling exercises in the weekly lessons. For Year Two, this will include specific module-related assignments.
  • Complete your private coaching sessions with Dr. Roche and Camille Maurine (minimum 4).
  • Complete your contact hours at live trainings, workshops and retreats.
  • Complete your 30 coaching sessions with practice clients.
  • Create and submit a Certification Portfolio that may include writing, images, videos, artistic expressions of any kind. These are to demonstrate your comprehension of the essential elements of this approach, and illuminate how you envision sharing meditation with your desired community.

These activities comprise the following hours:

75 contact hours:

During the pandemic, we are offering online events that count for RSMTT contact hours.

Then when possible, attend our in-person workshops and retreats at Kripalu (Lenox, Massachusetts), Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California), Los Angeles, 1440 Multiversity (Santa Cruz, California), Costa Rica, Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast), Hawaii, and other beautiful locations.

Non-contact hours over the two years consisting of:

  • Live Conference Call Seminars with Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine
  • Monthly Small Webinar Discussion Groups (10 each year)
  • Bonus Seminars and Skills Labs
  • Your personal meditation practice
  • Homework assignments
  • Reading assignments
  • Dyad calls with your RSMTT meditation buddy
  • 30 Practice teaching sessions with "practice clients"
  • Contributing to private forum group discussion
  • Journaling and creative expression
  • Year Two special assignments and participation
  • Creating Year Two Culmination Portfolio


Private Sessions by phone or Zoom webinar with Lorin Roche or Camille Maurine and follow-up (4 included in your tuition).

You may take as long as 5 years to complete these hours but we recommend you complete in 2 years.

When you successfully fulfill these certification requirements, you will receive a Certificate from Syzygy Learning Center, our 501(c)(3) for spiritual education, authorizing you to teach Instinctive Meditation in groups as well as one-on-one coaching.

If you are a yoga teacher and member of Yoga Alliance, you can also receive YA 200-hour CEU credit as a meditation teacher with Pranava Meditation School.

After your Training, you remain a valued member of our RSMTT Global Community. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Please Note: This program is intended to result in your certification as a Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher (RSMT). A Certified RSMT must possess a certain level of emotional and mental stability and the skills necessary to safely and competently execute Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher Training methodology. Although the great majority of students who attend complete and are certified, we reserve the right to withhold certification from any student who needs more time to develop the necessary skills.

Every attempt will be made to provide input throughout the program about teaching challenges that might impede certification. If it is determined that you have not successfully met the certification requirements we will determine the appropriate steps needed to complete certification. This process may include the need to work with a mentor at additional expense. In most cases, this process takes from three to six months. If you are not able to complete the additional requirements within 6 months from the end date of the program, it may be necessary to repeat the training in order to be certified.