For people with busy lives –– also entrepreneurs and creatives –– and people with children –– about half of meditation time is spend previewing future motions, choreographing the movement flow of life. On the phone today James came up with the term, "storyboarding," as used in film.

I like this term, storyboarding, it's more dynamic than previewing and reviewing and mental choreography. Those are all fine terms, but let's explore using storyboarding for awhile and see where it leads.

The TAKEAWAY is, during meditation you are previewing your day, practicing your FOOTWORK while at ease in a relaxed state, video-gaming inside yourself the flow of your day, refining the sequences and transitions. This is wonderful. Train yourself to welcome this process. You will find that when you have gone through this process, which happens spontaneously in meditation, your outer life will flow more gracefully.

You might want to review the R's at this point.

Here is James' sample storyboard:

Storyboard of James copy

Meditators often find themselves absorbed in an internal movie which has to do with planning life motion. One gift you can give yourself is to welcome this process and give it good screens. Don't try to concentrate, do the opposite –– expand. Give your awareness all of time and space to work in, a bit screen.

We are always in the midst of an action sequence. Brains like to keep track of motion and where things are. And where we are in the rhythm of the day.

Daily life of a college student.


Daily life of Hunter Thompson


And here is the chart for The Rhythms of Yoga. It uses Sanskrit, so cover your eyes and ears if you hate Sanskrit (it's okay, put that energy into getting better at English).

rhythms of yoga

Here is the Journey of Meditation chart, which looks at the moment-by-moment adventure of meditation using Joseph Campbell's model

Journey of Meditation mandala