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We are born into rhythm and meditation is entering the dance more thoroughly and deeply.We are breathing in a pulsating, vibrating universe.

1 OM is YES

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The basic vibration of the universe is ever-renewing joy

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From Chris Chapple’s Yoga and the Luminous

Pranava is a song of exaltation, a roar of joy

When yogis really love a word, they make up lots of nifty etymologies for it. In various texts, Pranava is parsed as:

- pra, “the Prakriti the world evolved out of,” + nava, new, fresh – “The eternal that is always new.”
- pra, to evolve, + navam, boat, “the excellent boat to travel the ocean of infinity.”
- pra, the “spontaneous generosity of divinity;” prasad, + nava, new, “every time you chant the mantra you are taken to a new level of divinity.”
- prana + va, the voice of prana.
- Pranava, the breath of creation.

Let us take a welcoming, celebrating attitude to all the sounds of the world – everything you have ever loved
  • laughter
  • tears
  • music
  • concerts
  • live performances - the way the singer's breath becomes sound, the bass player's fingertips become music, the drummer's wrist and finger motion become the beat
  • recordings
  • all the great heart to heart talks you have ever engaged in
  • the conversations in a restaurant
  • jets taking off
  • skateboards
  • waves
  • lets move from welcoming the sounds of the world to rejoicing in our capacity to hear, and feel, and rejoicing in all the motion of the world.

2 All is Rhythm and Vibration

We enter the universe through dance
Life is dance
The "stillness" we think we crave is to be found in sublime attunement to vibration and rhythm

Meditation is a process and the practice of attending to and attuning ourselves to frequencies rhythms in cycles of our own soul's purpose here on earth, or interaction with these rhythms in cycles and vibrations

We are learning to coordinate the motion of the universe through the layers and layers of dancing energy we are made up of – all our instinctive energies, our different kinds of intelligence, the many dimensions of our bodies, from the touchable tangible to the most subtle. Body and Soul. Body, heart, mind, and soul. Body and soul and transcendent.

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When Neutron Stars Collide

Gold Comes from Colliding Star Cores

The Earth has a Heart of Gold
The Gold at the Center of the Earth

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The extra iron and gold at the heart of the world make for a stronger magnetic field around the earth, which filters the Sun's power

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Every particle, every atom we are made of in this dance is precious, made by hard-working stars in their life cycle. Every bit of water in your body, every bit of calcium in your bones, every bit of nutrition your cells are absorbing, every bit of iron your blood is using to help absorb oxygen, all was manufactures in the furnaces of stars.

There is very little matter in the whole universe

Our solar system is relatively dense, and to scale it:

If our solar system were the size of a football field, then the Sun would be a sphere the size of a dime, and the Earth would be a grain of sand 6 feet away.

Atoms are 99.99999999999999% empty space