Giving in to the urge to
rest leads to

release of

which leads to

reviewing what we were tense about

which allows the body to

repair the areas that were tense and

restore blood flow and relaxed functioning

which then invites the body mind system to

rehearse moving through the actions of life in a more relaxed mode

and then we emerge from this mental rehearsal, which is also very physical, and

remember that we are meditating, and we orient to the outer world, and we can get up or continue for another cycle.

7 Rs
hmmmmm . . . what did I leave out? hmmmmmmmm

Rhythms - life seems to like to flow through these modes of restoring and renewing itself. These R's may flow from one to the other in any periodicity, from every few seconds to every few minutes.

A full cycle may be very quick, 20 seconds, then slower, 40 seconds, then slower still, 90 seconds, then a leisurely 3 minutes.

Unpredictable and surprising. This is what makes things interesting.

Once you accept how surprising meditation is - and this is a great skill - the whole process becomes entertaining and absorbing.