Faculty of the Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training

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Lorin Roche, PhD

Dr. Lorin Roche was lucky enough to begin practicing asana, pranayama, and meditation in 1968, and he still feels like a beginner – every day. He was trained as a meditation teacher in 1969-1970 and has been sharing the delight ever since. Lorin is the author of Meditation Made Easy, Meditation Secrets for Women, and The Radiance Sutras. At the University of California at Irvine, his Master’s Degree work focused on the injuries and developmental crises provoked by meditation and opening the chakras; his Ph.D. research was on the language of inner experience in meditation - the way meditators describe their inner worlds. He lives in Marina del Rey, California with his yogini shaktini wife, Camille Maurine. lorinroche.com

Camille Maurine

Camille Maurine is a meditation mentor, dancer, and writer internationally renowned for her integrative energy practices and innovative performance trainings. She is the author of the groundbreaking Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7, both written with her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche. Camille gives global teleseminars and teacher trainings in women's spiritual empowerment and embodiment, and travels worldwide to give performances, workshops, and retreats. camillemaurine.com


Coby Kozlowski

Coby Kozlowski, MA, E-RYT, is a faculty member for the Kripalu School of Yoga. Her vibrant style as a life coach trainer; yoga, dance, and meditation educator; inspirational speaker; expressive arts therapist; and expert in transformative leadership is infused with intelligence and heartfelt humor. A leader in the revolution for inspired living and action, Coby is the founder of Karma Yoga Leadership Intensive™ and the evolutionary program Quarter-Life Calling: Creating an Extraordinary Life in Your 20s. cobyk.com

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Coby savoring a meditation

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Steven Leonard

"I find the experience of being alive, and the ability to reflect on life, to be the strangest and most wonderful thing imaginable. You could call me a life enthusiast. I'm also a meditation guide, musician, athlete and self-taught sushi chef.

I offer personal meditation instruction, play music in hospitals and assisted living facilities and lead 200-hour yoga teacher trainings. I also work at Kripalu Center, in the beautiful Berkshires, where I lead meditation classes, workshops and retreats. I earned a degree in exercise physiology, learned everything and nothing I know about meditation from Lorin Roche, Jonathan Foust and Coby Kozlowski (thank you), and am endlessly grateful for the infinite love and generosity of my family and friends. If you are looking for personal meditation instruction, have a family member who could use some joyful music or are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, send me a message below.

Thank you,

Steven Leonard

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His Reverence Steven

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The real Steven and Lorin

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Justin Michael Williams

Justin will be offering his expertise in the business of teaching.

Justin Michael Williams will help you find your authentic voice and share it with the world. He is a vibrant public speaker, musician, and successful yoga instructor who travels the globe training the conscious community to thrive in marketing, media, and business. Justin has spearheaded the marketing development and social media of over 150 brands, both large and small, including, Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Noah Mazé, and more. He is also the Co-Founder of the Business of Yoga, LLC and hosts Yoga Business Retreats around the world, helping yoga teachers flourish in business. By using his expertise to coach individuals and nonprofits, Justin works to spread positivity and inspire change throughout the social web.

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Dave Stringer

Dave Stringer is a Grammy™nominated record producer, singer and composer who has been profiled in publications worldwide as one of the most innovative artists of the new Kirtan movement. Stringer’s sound invokes the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American gospel and the ringing harmonies of Appalachia. Initially trained as a visual artist, filmmaker and jazz musician, Stringer’s focus shifted significantly after video editing work brought him to an ashram in India in 1990. His work translates the venerable traditions of kirtan and yoga into inspiring and thoroughly modern participatory theatre, open to a multiplicity of interpretations, and accessible to all. Dave and his band have been touring tirelessly since 2000, playing concert halls and festivals all over the world.

Dave will be joining us to lead us in song and the path of music.

For the past 7 years, Dave has led many, many, incredible Sutra Jams, in which people read Sutras they love and a group of musicians improvises to the words.

Melanie Foust ~ Seattle, Washington USA

Alison Potts ~ Brisbane, Australia

Jennifer Andrews ~ Carson City, Nevada USA