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Today's Seminar

A miracle may happen and I actually follow a script today - who knows - but supposedly I am going to talk about these topics:

1. INTRODUCTION TO THE SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF MEDITATION. Overview of the Radiance Sutras Approach which utilizes 112 different doorways into meditation. Research on the benefits of meditation and why 20 million Americans are meditating, plus millions more in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, South America, and elsewhere. Meditation is a completely natural and instinctive capacity of the human body and everyone can do it. The experience of meditation is rhythmic, intimate, and individualistic. Introduction to the Eight Essential Meditations we will be using as a foundation.

1. Lorin's Introduction
  • How did you get interested in meditation? 
  • What did your Phd. in meditation entail?
  • What has your experience been with the sutras?
  • What is a simple definition or summary of this approach to meditation (112 doorways)?

2. Meditation Generalization
  • What is some research that has been done on the benefits of meditation?
  • How many people are are currently meditating in US, and around the world?
  • What are some simple common meditation misconceptions?

3. The Path of Intimacy
  • What is the difference between the path of intimacy and renunciation?
  • What is one simple example of a meditation on the path of intimacy?
  • How do I know if i'm doing a practice that is right for me?

4. Trust Your Instincts
  • How can meditation be so natural?
  • If it is so natural, is there any place for "discipline."
  • What is one simple example of developing instincts through this approach to meditation?

5. Broad Maps to Begin
  • Can you remind me of the first chart, Intimacy vs. Renunciation?
  • What is the Triple Shakti rhythm or model?
  • What does rhythm mean, regarding meditation?
  • Why is the Triple Shakti model so important?  
6. 8 Essential Techniques
  • What are the 8 Essential techniques we will learn during the training?
  • Can you give one brief example of each?
  • How do these meditations integrate with the path of intimacy and triple shakti model?
 7. Questions

8. Summary
  • Meditation generalization
  • Path of intimacy
  • Trust your instincts
  • Broad maps to begin
  • 8 Essential techniques