Skills of Meditation

Here is a way of looking at the skills involved in meditating.

  1. The skill of recognizing a moment to meditate.
  2. The skill of recognizing your mood, your needs, and orienting toward the fulfillment of your needs.
  3. The skill of selecting what you love.
  4. The skill of being with your love and tolerating the power of what happens.
  5. The skill of letting go into love, letting it guide you and carry you, give you energy.
  6. The skill of inquiry, wondering, exploring.
  7. The skill of tolerating the sensations of relaxation and energy.
  8. The skill of tolerating the intense speed at which the brain and nervous system operate. When you are meditating, you sometimes will notice this speediness, which is actually always present.
  9. The skill of holding and letting go of whatever your meditation technique is.
  10. The skill of embracing, and being held or embraced, by different aspects of the life force.
  11. The skill of shifting through the levels of thought and sensation, from the active levels such as outward speech, to subvocal speech, to the pulsating silence –– from strong sensations to delicate tiny sensation.
  12. The skill of welcoming excitement about life.
  13. The skill of welcoming the process of converting anxiety into excitement, and washing the fear out of your body
  14. The skill of tolerating the healing process of releasing tension.
  15. The skill of welcoming the review and rehearsal process.
  16. The skill of welcoming yourself into the remembering state, when you have been absorbed in daydreaming or mental choreography, and then suddenly remember, "Oh, I am meditating. What time is it?"
  17. The skill of continuing, of going for another cycle of meditation.

These are all tiny little skills that you apply and let go of in a split second during meditation. You can practice them so that they are at your "fingertips" so to speak. As you internalize these, meditation becomes more and more a joyous experience of meeting life, meeting the dynamic pulsating healing powers of life.