I just found this description of a course Camille and I taught a few years ago.

Heartfulness, Mindfulness, and the Path of the Feminine

Meditation is paying tender attention to the rhythms of life. Breathing is a rhythm, the heart is a rhythm, and life’s energies continually circulate through our bodies. This tender attention can be called mindfulness, heartfulness, or sense-full-ness, for we attend with our whole being: heart, mind, and senses.

We each need to customize our practice so that it feels to us like coming home and bathing in the pleasure of simply existing. When we approach meditation in this way, the whole flow is utterly natural, and every aspect of meditation feels like an act of love. There is no one way to meditate, no one style, and we need to continually upgrade our tenderness and ability to love.

Today, most meditation practitioners are women, and this has been true for over fifty years. In the past meditation was primarily taught and practiced by men**, and was shaped to suit their bodies. This course is for women and anyone who loves women. We will be discussing practical tips on how to construct a daily practice that helps you to thrive, and if you are lucky enough to be in relationship with a woman, you may learn a thing or two about how to support her in being herself.

* or "bodyfulness."
**men who live in religious orders of Asia - India, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Korea.