The Journey Model of Meditation

There is a
call. Life needs something. We need to be refreshed.

refuse the call. I don't have time. I don't know how. There isn't a quiet spot. Maybe later.

We finally
answer the call.

There are
obstacles. I don't know how. My mind is too busy. I am too tense. I am too tired. I am falling asleep.

There is a road of
trials. Ouch.

There is a
glimpse of the goal. I feel relaxation for 5 seconds.

There is an apparent setback. I lost that loving feeling!

There is a moment of

There is a time of
healing, ouch and Ahhh!

There is a call to
return to everyday life, refreshed in the Elixir of Life.

Journey of Meditation mandala

The Journey Model relates the rhythms of meditative experience to the dynamic flow we see in movies, novels, TV shows, plays, novels, myths, and biographies.

The Journey Model is actually the same as the Triple Loves of Shakti Model.

triple shakti web

In the Triple Shakti Model, the "call to adventure" is the inward call — give in to life's call to refresh itself. Give in to the adventure of letting pranashakti renew and repair your body-mind and soul-heart-mind-body-environment connection. The "call to return to everyday life" is the call to action we all feel at times during meditation.

Another way of looking at the journey is as life's dynamic adventure to fulfill needs. Abraham Maslow put forth a hierarchy of needs that is useful:


And a more modern version: