Remember what you love so much you want to melt into it. Allow your love to call you into restful awareness.

Giving in to the urge to
rest leads to

relaxation of the muscles

which leads to

release of

which leads to

reviewing what we were tense about

which allows the body to

repair the areas that were tense and

restore blood flow and relaxed functioning

which then invites the body mind system to

rehearse moving through the actions of life in a more relaxed mode

as we emerge from this mental rehearsal,

which is also very physical, we

remember that we are meditating,

we orient to the outer world, notice it is still there,

and we can get up

or continue for another cycle.

. . . This rhythm is an observable tendency
of the intelligent life energies.
You can observe it for yourself.
Always welcome the unique way this rhythm
shows up in each moment.
The pattern may have subtle variations in every moment.

Every repetition of the rhythm is revealing. There is always an element of surprise, because the amount of time you spend in each phase will be different each moment, and the way you transition from one to the other. When you begin meditating, you may instantly find yourself in one or the other phases, as well - your brain may have a backlog of unstressing to do, or a need for sleep, or may need to sort through some upcoming events before settling in.

Rhythms - life seems to like to flow through these modes of restoring and renewing itself. These R's may flow from one to the other in any periodicity, from every few seconds to every few minutes.

A full cycle may be very quick, 20 seconds, then slower, 40 seconds, then slower still, 90 seconds, then a leisurely 3 minutes.

Unpredictable and surprising. This is what makes things interesting.

Once you accept how surprising meditation is - and this is a great skill - the whole process becomes entertaining and absorbing.

There are different phases of the overall rhythm in which you may be totally
absorbed in the flow of experience and not "self-conscious" so to speak. You are in a flow state. You may be enchanted by the beauty of breath or motion or a mantra, or you may be lost in thoughts, or absorbed in choreographing a conversation you want to have with someone.

Learn to be tender with yourself in these transitions.

2 or 3 or 8 Phases of the Rhythm

If you want to have
2 phases of the rhythm: rest and action. During meditation, you may notice there are times you are more restful, and times when you are oriented toward action. Because you are meditating, this action takes the form of mental rehearsal. You are practicing action while in a restful state.

3 phases. Even in a brief rest phase, the body attempts to do some repairs and restoring, so a 3 part rhythm is rest — healing — action.
This is the Triple Shakti Model:
"I love resting,
I love healing,
I love action."

You can say these are the Three Loves of Shakti because life maintains itself by flowing through these phases.

8 phases or the 8 R's. This is a more nuanced view of the same process.

These are observable rhythms in the dance of life. Get to know them in yourself and learn to notice them in the experience of people you are coaching.

Note that these are rhythms that life is engaged in. Life is a self-renewing phenomenon, which means that it is repairing itself and healing any damage as much as it can in the flow of the day. The Radiance Sutras approach to meditation is that we are cooperating with the evolutionary dynamics of life, the brilliance of the cells.

We notice the rhythms of life during meditation because we are giving in to them.

Skillful meditation is —

Surfing the wave structure of the rhythm of life.