The Relation Between Desire and Instinct

As you honor each instinct you encounter, in yourself and in the outer world, you can also enjoy the desire aspect.

Instinct and desire are two sides of the same coin, the basic impulses flowing through bodies at all times, that we can mix, match, transmute, direct, redirect, absorb, rest in, be delighted by, be scared by, be amazed by, enriched by, challenged by.

When we NOTICE an instinct or a desire, we can DELIGHT IN the energy, be in AWE of it, RELATE TO it, SAVOR it.

Always be upgrading the quality of your attention from begrudging and whining and complaining, to being amazed and delighting at the sheer power and inventiveness of life.

desire instinct power

desire instinct contact

–– from Steven Reiss, WHO AM I?
who am I

Desire! Here is an exploration, for all those interested. Consider each instinct in turn, and SENSE the desire inside it – then celebrate that desire.

For example:

HUNTING AND GATHERING - I want to go shopping
EXPLORING - I want to go visit a particular foreign country
HOMING - I want to go home. I want a new sofa.

Consider the list of BASIC DESIRES, from Steven Reiss, who did some very interesting research.

Gather a supply of food or supplies
Social contact
Be with family
Status within your social group
Physical exercise
Take each desire and honor it ....
I DESIRE ORDER let's clean up the house
I am hungry! Let's eat!

In this way, relate all the instincts to the desires.

Reliable any of the desires or instincts as you please. For example, I like serenity rather than tranquility, I don't know why.

Train yourself to welcome ALL desires as they arise during meditation to be felt and sorted.

And if you like, you can notice the SENSATIONS that go with each desire and the areas of the body, including the chakras, associated with the desire.
Also - desires can be felt EVERYWHERE IN THE BODY. If they are squeezed into a little area, explore letting a desire FLOOD YOUR WHOLE BODY AND DISSOLVE into your overall sense of vitality.